When Your Friends Are

Woh makes it easy to invite friends to hangout and see whose coming.

    With Woh, you can:

  • Create events

  • Get RSVPs

  • See who's on the way

With Woh, You Can:

Create Events

Give your event a memorable name, pick the date, time, location, and decide who's invited. We'll handle the rest.


Find out who is coming, who can't make it, and who is on the fence. Your guests can see who's planning to come too.

See Who's On the Way

With the ETA board, you can see how long before your friends arrive and get notified when someone arrives.

Creating Events is Easy

With Woh, you won't have to juggle sharing event details on facebook, instant message, or SMS. Create events of all types quickly in one, easy to manage app.

Once you send out invitations, kick back and relax: Woh will let you know when guests have sent RSVPs.

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Destress with the ETA Board

Tired of endless text chains about who is on their way and who can't make it? With the ETA Board, you can take the stress out of getting together.

See who is on their way and how much longer it will be til they arrive. When folks arrive, you'll be notified so you can go and greet them.

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